The Certoo project was created in close cooperation between our law firm HAVEL & PARTNERS and the technology company ARTinii Production s.r.o. with the aim of bringing state-of-the-art solutions to the legal issues we encounter in our IP law practice. Our law firm HAVEL & PARTNERS is the largest independent law firm in Central Europe and a leader in legal services innovation, and since we have always enjoyed the interconnection of law and technology, we have enthusiastically embarked on this joint blockchain project.

The purpose is to provide increased protection for authors who create copyright works. In our experience, in the event of a dispute we know that it is often difficult for clients to prove that they are the authors of a particular work and when they created it. In this situation, it is extremely difficult to efficiently prevent unauthorised copying or imitation of the work. The Certoo project aims to solve this problem by using a state-of-the-art technological tool - the blockchain.

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